“Davíd is absolutely brilliant. He takes time and effort to get to know his clients’ bodies and their needs. He listens and has a very patient approach that helped me out greatly. I’d recommend him to anyone, he’s a professional above and beyond all the rest. He’s not a “come in and work out” physical therapist, he does what you need.”
– G.P.

“I broke my leg in 2008 and could not run without pain for the following 3 years. I finally decided to get myself to a PT and was so happy/lucky to find Davíd.

After the first few sessions I was able to run pain free – the first time in years. I signed up for the Structural Integration series and was pleased to see the amazing progress that I made both on a physical and emotional level. Davíd has really helped me move easier in my body and through the world.

He is a wealth of information and his knowledge of anatomy and muscles is outstanding. Couple this empirical knowledge with a kind compassionate practitioner and you’ve got an outstanding experience. Highly recommend.”
— Kathy J.

“Davíd is amazing. I have been to see him 3-4 times for neck pain (which is gone), as well as after a car accident. He has also helped my wife with tension in her legs that she has been unable to cure until she visited him.

There are very few doctors or therapists that take time to really get to know their patients and understand exactly how they can help, and Davíd Gross is one of the unique people in his field that honestly cares. Thank you for all of your help with my family and friends Davíd. THANK YOU!”
— Micah C.

“Davíd is really professional, informative and talented at his craft. He is not what I would consider a typical physical therapist. For those of you familiar with structural medicine or Hellerwork-this is his forte! If you are interested in totally changing (for the better) how your body flows, a series of 12 sessions is the way to go.

I came to Davíd as a 54 y.o. female who is in reasonable shape but still just tend toward being stiff and sore from life. I am almost done with the series and feel like myself, but different and able to do things that were a bit of struggle- such as sit cross legged on the floor for an hour, snow shoe with a backpack without my back being sore, walking with out my back aching a bit, standing for any length of time etc…

Things you should know – I am a very modest person. However, the work Davíd does requires you to wear underwear and a bra so he can see how your body moves as you walk across the floor before and after your session, and so he can work on your body during your session. Davíd is extremely professional so it does not seem weird. If you have body issues that make you hesitate I would suggest going beyond yourself and trying him out anyway.

If you want to feel better because you just feel like life has beat your body up a bit I would recommend this series highly. ”
—Lise A.