I am a licensed Physical Therapist and Structural Medicine Specialist (also known as Structural Integration). Structural Medicine is the primary focus of my practice, however, I use a combination of my skills in every client session.

Structural Medicine

Structural Medicine is a method of releasing the body’s tissues to allow people more ease and comfort while dwelling in their bodies.

Structural Medicine consists of a 12-session Series of both hands-on manual therapy and movement education to cover the body’s regions; the first session involves the chest, the second session the legs, the third session the sides of the body and arms, and so forth. I find that the Series give my clients relief of their aches and pains.

Physical Therapy

On the very first visit to my office, I may take my client through a physical therapy evaluation to confirm that they are appropriate for the Structural Medicine series, or determine if they need to be referred to a medical professional for further evaluation.

My office does not have a gym and it does not have modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation. In my Structural Medicine practice I use movement education to cultivate body and movement awareness in each client, but I do not generally give out exercise programs.

What to Wear

Clients are typically in their undergarments: men in their underwear (please no boxer shorts) and women in their underwear and a bra (opening in the back please). If shorts are preferred, wear loose shorts. This is to support the visual assessment, movement education, and bodywork parts of each session.

Types of Appointments

»  Initial Consultation

An initial consultation includes:

  • me hearing your history, your goals, and your questions.
  • an explanation of my work
  • examination and assessment
  • treatment

» Structural Medicine Series

Each session includes postural analysis, hands-on manual therapy, and movement education. After your initial evaluation, the Structural Medicine Series commences. For steady progress, I recommend– but do not require– that each client comes in weekly at a regular day and time. Other scheduling arrangements can be made as needed.

Individual sessions last 80 minutes and cost $180.

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