Address the Root of your Pain

My goal is to make pain relief possible for every person who seeks it. I specialize in Structural Medicine, which addresses the root problem of your pain, not just the symptoms, by working with the connective tissues and nervous system of the body.

Through the Structural Integration Series, I can help your body do what it is designed to do, which is regenerate and heal. This work will enable you to have greater freedom of movement and relief from pain. Together we can create positive change.

Using the tools of Structural Integration and physical therapy, I am devoted to helping you live your most dynamic, vibrant, and healthy life.

Structural Integration

Can Structural Medicine help you?

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David Gross PT relieves back pain and stress through Structural Integration bodywork in wallingford seattle

What results have clients experienced?

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Free Your Body, Embrace Positive Change

If you’re ready to release your pain and discover new freedom in your body, mind and spirit, I invite you to schedule an appointment today.